About dodiee

“Inspired by the namesake who gave me life...” Femininity exists in an abundance of expressions as vast as women. The most daring thing we can do is embrace the full embodiment of ourselves, bold confidence encompassing multitudes, loud to subtle, grand to serene. You will find within Dodiee this versatility of expression across our collections, from the highly tailored to luxuriously cozy. All with the capacity to shape you to live a daring life.

“...She left me with boundless passion and in spirit has guided me to celebrate all women.”

Elisa dahan
founder & creative Director

Our contouring knitwear


Compression level 3

Patent-pending knit paneling targets where the densest sculpt-knit tech is needed and gives where movement and comfort require it.

Embrace your power and strength in the boldest and most structured sculpt-knit technology, as if carved to your form. Elegance and confidence abound with thoughtful cutouts that emphasize the beauty of your body and the strongest levels of contouring where you need them most.


Compression level 2

Patent-pending knit paneling intricately shapes with strategic placement and a luxe finish.

Make your mark with intrinsic spirit in adaptive form-knit. Elongating the natural line of your body with support in enduring style. Body illuminating definition through tailored paneling respects your curves while giving way to details of movement.


Compression level 1

Welcome in ease and serenity in the most relaxed knits. Smoothing slips and linings rekindle affection for your curves. Reassured by comfort arriving in timeless designs, a refocus on the feminine awareness of balancing structure and comfort. Stir your softer side in richness and warmth without compromise.

Savoir faire


Developing a true luxury by women and for women required the unmatched skill of Italian artists. And so, innovative technology was born out of the necessity for materials that would adapt to the unique purpose of each panel and element that goes into our pieces. From lifting to sculpting to beautiful movement, the aim was and will always be to rise to the most versatile beings on earth, women.

“I am excited to reveal a new type of luxury uniting knitwear and shapewear in a manner never before attempted, developed in partnership with best-in-class Italian manufacturers.”

Elisa dahan
founder & creative Director